The Who Vol.1 – VINILE is OUT!



VINILE’s latest issue is finally out and available anywhere, in Italy. Right on the cover, you’ll find The Who in the earliest days of their career and inside the issue you’ll be able to rediscover some of the “recorded gems” of The Who’s first musical period,- thanks mainly to the italian record collector Alberto Genero’s outstanding efforts- and to read something by me as well.
Yes, they’re coming. And I’m about to leave, as a whole bunch of projects are in progress, including the one I mentioned months ago on this very blog (I urge you to read it again) called The Who By Fans . you will soon read more specific details on this topic,as I’m going to outline it to its protagonists themselves.
I will point out a Facebook page which will collect your favorite Who tracks.
The title will be reported beside each fan’s name who obviously agrees to have his own material published.
Many of you are gathering or writing said material in this very moment. The most dedicated fellows have already submitted it and I wholeheartedly thank them. I’ll come back from my trips to London, L.A. and Coachella Festival with more to chew on, but then it will be time to wrap everything up. so I encourage you to wrap your head around this as of now.

There is no obligation whatsoever: just a great passion and the desire to assemble never-before-seen material and beautiful personal stories and anecdotes to pay tribute to The Who and their fans in a worldwide-released publication.
The total amount of my remuneration, no matter its entity, will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. What sort of Who tribute this would be otherwise?
In the meantime, enjoy reading VINILE, Be Lucky, and enjoy the italian tour dates!
There’s nobody like them….





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